What is Remote Intrusion Detection?

Remote Intrusion Detection is the ability to detect the actions of subjects before they are aware they are under surveillance.
Vortex Systems has the expertise to address all of your remote intrusion detection needs. They will support your team from system design through training and operations.
The Process:

Remote Intrusion Detection Systems can be broken down into the following stages of action:


Quickly and easily deploy sensor networks that act as a long or short term force multiplier for monitoring critical infrastructures and remote areas.

System deployments for local, state and federal applications are available.


Upon detection, intrusion information is sent directly to patrol vehicles, operation centers or security forces. Each sensor location has a specific address, enabling personnel to respond to that location or situation as it develops.


Monitor suspect activity in your target area using an array of common devices including Google Maps, text messages, emails and pagers. Capture sensor activity over long periods of time for backup, analysis and reporting. Easily share data among departments and organizations.


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  • Border Security
  • Military 
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mining Operations
  • Gas & Oil
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Airports
  • Hydro Electric
  • Ranches/Estates
  • Pipeline Protection
  • Power Distribution
  • Chemical Production
  • Water Treatment
  • Various Other Uses

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Do you have a large area to cover and limited manpower?

Let’s be realistic. If you’re tasked with detection and intrusion apprehension over vast areas, you will never have enough manpower to cover all of your area of responsibility.  Additional staffing will only address part of the equation. You must work smarter not harder. By leveraging your manpower and implementing Ground Scout sensors, your team will be able to respond to threats as they occur.

What is the cost of not being prepared?

Dollar for dollar, early detection of a threat is much more cost effective than responding to an in progress incident.  Consideration must be given to the cost of outfitting additional security forces and restoring damages caused by adversaries. The cost of deploying sensors to provide early detection quickly proves that the wise money will be spent in early detection. Sensors do not call in sick or ask for time off. They provide coverage 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Vortex Systems designs and manufactures the Ground Scout
line of unattended ground sensors and surveillance systems.
Ground Scout sensors and surveillance systems are designed for critical infrastructure protection. We are committed to helping your agency find the right system to secure your project. 
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