January 2015

Vortex Systems has been a strong supporter of the Southwestern and Texas Border Sheriffs’ Coalitions for many years.  Vortex Systems are great and many of our sheriffs have utilized them.  Brent Davison and the Vortex team have been a personal and coalition friend.  We look forward to continuing business in the future years to come.

Donnie Reay
Executive Director
Southwestern and Texas Border Sheriffs

2003 Southern Blvd. SE STE102-102
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
January 2015


Hartland Southwest is honored to call Vortex Systems a business partner.
For well over 3 years Hartland has worked with Vortex on multiple projects. Vortex’s internal resources and attention to detail make the difference when designing or revamping a new product.

Great team, great company, great products!
Kristean Alcocer
Hartland Southwest – Account Manager 


Mosaic Phosphates Co. MP

The Mosaic Company is the world's leading producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients; we are involved in every phase of crop nutrition development. Our corner of the world covers approximately 400,000 acres across five counties in Central Florida. The vast territory is a challenge for our loss prevention operations that requires a unique approach to security. When we began experiencing an epidemic of copper theft in the last few years, we needed a new approach to combat the criminal activity. The loaded costs of lost production, repairs and material  replacement always exceeded the value of the copper that was stolen. It quickly became evident that we needed a force multiplier that would give us the ability to monitor several remote locations at once, allowing our officers more time for proactive patrol rather than an often unproductive static surveillance.

Enter Vortex Systems! Ground Scout sensors and support equipment have given us the ability to cover multiple remote locations by optimizing components of physical security and security technology without increasing our security staffing budget. Vortex  developed a plan to cover several locations with Ground Scout equipment and we quickly started seeing results. Within a matter of weeks, we identified, apprehended and successfully prosecuted several subjects involved in the thefts from our mining operations.

We learned to deploy the Ground Scout sensors in a manner that helps us develop technical intelligence to affect the appropriate response. As the need arises, we can move the Ground Scout sensors giving us total flexibility. Our law enforcement partners appreciate that we are confident in the information before they dispatch an officer to the area.

Vortex Ground Scout sensors can be deployed quickly and provide that critical link between identifying suspect activity and coordinating a response by our security forces or law enforcement. It has been our experience that our patrol officers are responding even before the subjects have the time or ability to cause extensive damage or commit thefts. Ground Scout sensors never get tired and never call in sick; a situation any security manager can appreciate.

The use of Ground Scout sensors is a critical part of our ongoing loss prevention strategies. As cliché as it sounds; if I can use it successfully, anyone can.

Thanks Vortex! Keep up the great work; we appreciate your support in protecting our operations.
M. Hampton Plowden
Mosaic Phosphates Co. MP
Domestic Security