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Services and Training

Vortex strongly believes that customer support is  the most important part of building a relationship with our customers. What good is a piece of equipment if you cannot obtain assistance when you have problems? We strive to provide support within 24 hours or less.

Support Services :

System Training :

Complete system training is available for all Ground Scout equipment and individual system components. We are committed to ensuring your level of knowledge and confidence to maintain and operate your Ground Scout system.  On-site, as well as factory training down to the system component level, is available.  Site training is available to ensure a maximum hands on experience.

Installation :

Often, we find that our customers require a turnkey solution installed quickly and efficiently. In order to keep your staff on track, allow us to assist you during the installation process. We will ensure that your system is up and running in the shortest time possible. We encourage interaction from your team during this process.  This will ensure that any custom installations are completed to your satisfaction. We believe that by including your team during this process, we begin to build a working relationship that will last for years.

An on-site survey can be performed at your installation location by our trained staff. This provides the crucial difference between excessive equipment or just the right blend of equipment to complete the mission and stay within budget. We offer on-site analysis of terrain, infrastructure and deployment strategies. Working with your security staff, we will develop a detailed scope of work and a deployment plan for quick implementation. We have the ability to generate virtual site assessments for most locations. Both on-site and virtual assessments require moderate interaction with your final operational team to ensure  project guidelines are met.